Mobius Strato Matrix

This Tube Packs a Punch, 75mm Body Gives you ALL THAT VOLUME you Want & the Perc Combo Gives your the FUNCTION you Deserve!
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  • Removable 18/14mm Riffled Downstem
  • 14mm Mobius Snap Bowl 
  • 75x5mm Body
  • 75x5mm Perc Sleeve 
  • 45x5mm Mouthpiece 
  • 50mm Matrix perc with a minimum of 140 diffusion holes
  • Multi-Hole Splash Guard 
  • Internal Maria
  • "Unique security hologram authenticity Sticker with serial and QR Code"
  • ~17 inches tall 
  • 10mm foot
  • ~4.25 inch diameter foot