Highly Educated Control Tower 10mm 90 Deg

Highly Educated Control Tower 10mm x 90 Deg (Note: The pictured Control Tower is 14mm but this product is a 10mm)
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Description by Highly Educated:
Introducing the Control Tower and SE Pillar from Highly Educated

Is there such a thing as a perfect dab?
What does a perfect dab look like?

We think it looks something like this. When cooked, it will be spread so uniformly even that all will be left in your nail is a golden transparent film. Your nail will look more like a fumed tube of glass than the dirty nail you’ve become familiar with. There will be no puddle, there will be no char, no stains, nothing but the golden film. A film that is so easily wiped up that it’s satisfying doing so. 

What temperature are we achieving this at? 


With the Control Tower and SE Pillar all sorts of sized dabs can be consistently cooked at this temperature.  

How does the Control Tower offer the perfect dab?

The SE micro texture on the pillar is the heart of the function. The SE texture evenly distributes oil and acts as a nucleation rolling pin. The Control Tower does not require a large vacuum to get the pillar to spin. We developed a process that allows the pillar to spin under a very light vacuum. Couple this with the small diameter tubing and the pillar is able to achieve incredible RPMs, even when coated with oil. The more RPMs the more times the pillar is able to pass, distribute, and evaporate the oil. When the pillar is able to do this thousands of times in a single breath the efficiency is noticeable. 

Drinking: The extended chamber of the Tower makes drinking difficult. Drinking occurs if the pillar is brought to the neck of the Tower, but as it requires a strong vacuum to achieve, it is easily avoidable. 

Cleaning: Maintenance can be with just cotton swabs if you prefer not to use solvent baths.  At these operation temperatures removing the evaporation film is easy. By placing a regular cotton swab between the pillar and Tower walls you can rotate the cotton swab upwards and is a great way to clean both the pillar and Tower at the same time. The pillar works to apply pressure and keep the cotton pressed firmly against the wall as it cleans both items.